With smallcases, you have full flexibility over your investments. You can manage your smallcase by adding/removing stocks/ETFs or adjusting quantities, in a few taps.

By going to Investments > Select your smallcase > scroll down > See all stocks > Manage Stocks

Adding stocks

  • On the manage screen, you can search for a new stock/ETF to add and increase the no. of shares to the desired quantity.
  • Tap on Confirm Changes to review and place orders

Increasing/Decreasing the quantity of shares of existing stocks:

  • Use the + / - symbol to increase or decrease the available shares in your already existing stocks. 
  • Qty (Quantity): It  shows the number of Shares that you will have after the change. 
  • Chg (Change): It shows the share that is about to get sold or bought differentiated by Red and Green.

Selling Stocks:

  1. On the manage screen, reduce the quantity of a stock to 0 in "Shares" in order to sell it completely.
  2. If you wish to sell some shares of a stock only, reduce the qty to the no. of shares you would like to retain. The remaining would be sold. 
  3. Tap on Confirm Changes to review and place orders

Example from the  screenshot : INFY : Buying 3 new shares
SUDARSCHEM: Selling 1 share which had 7 shares initially.

Caution: Adding stocks or shares from your smallcase means it will not match the original version, and hence the holdings, composition & returns of your smallcase will be different. Only proceed with managing your smallcase, if you know what you're doing. Not recommended for first-timers :)

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