You can make changes to the stocks (add or remove stocks) & change weights of a smallcase before buying it, by using the Customize feature. When you customize a smallcase, you will not receive any rebalance updates made to the original version - so only customize a smallcase if you're completely sure of the changes and the subsequent impact.

You can customize a smallcase from the Stocks tab of that smallcase page. Select any smallcase > Go to its Stocks & Weights section > Scroll down to botton > Customize.

And then follow the same steps as in Creating your smallcase

You can,

  • Delete a stock¬†
  • Increase the Quantities of any stock
  • Add a new stock
  • Change the weighting scheme

The fees for buying a customized/created smallcase are the same at a flat Rs. 100 + GST (18%) for each smallcase. No additional charges from our end when you invest more, add/remove stocks or exit your smallcase


  • You can only add NSE stocks to create/customize your smallcase
  • Your smallcase will be private and will be visible only to you
  • You will not receive any rebalance updates for your customized smallcases.¬†
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