Rebalancing is the process of periodically reviewing and updating the constituents of a smallcase. You can see the next expected update date on the smallcase page under the Stocks & Weights tab

This is done to ensure the stocks & weights in the smallcase continue to reflect the underlying theme and model

When a smallcase you hold has been rebalanced, you receive a Rebalance Update notification for the same via e-mail

You can now see the changes made by the update, make changes if you wish to and then apply them.

Your rebalance updates will be available from the Pending Actions in the home page as well as in your Investments page.  

  1. Home page under Pending actions

     2. Investments Page

Steps for Rebalancing: 

  • View Update: You can view the list of stocks being sold, ones being added and ones that remain unchanged
  • Customize / make changes: If you wish to make changes to the rebalance update, you can click on the Customize option at the bottom before confirming the update

  • Confirm Update: Once you have reviewed the changes, you can click on 'Confirm Update'
  • Place orders: Lastly, you can review the orders being placed and can apply them.

    If you skip a rebalance update, your smallcase holdings, composition & returns may vary from the original. Also, your smallcase will not reflect the underlying theme/model as intended

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