Rebalancing is the process of reviewing of stocks/ETFs of a smallcase to ensure that it continues to reflect the underlying original idea. You can see the next expected update date on the smallcase page under the Stocks & Weights tab. 

  • Rebalancing takes into account fundamental factors, company updates, etc. to objectively narrow down on the right stocks/ETFs & their weightage.
  • Stocks/ETFs & their weightage may be changed, based on the criteria of the smallcase. 

Rebalancing isn't done automatically. When a smallcase you hold has been rebalanced, you receive a Rebalance Update notification for the same via e-mail and push notification ( in the mobile apps) and you can simply apply it with just 2 clicks. 

If you wish not to sell / buy any particular stock, you can edit the rebalance update as well before confirming the update. You can also skip the update, no worries - you'll still get the next rebalance updates until you exit. 

If you skip a rebalance update, your smallcase holdings, composition & returns may vary from the original. Also, your smallcase will not reflect the underlying theme/model as intended.

Here's how you can apply the rebalance update:

To see the charges for Rebalancing - click here

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