You can exit your smallcase by selling all the stocks in just one go. 

  • By going to the Investments page, you will see all of your invested smallcase
  • Select the smallcase that you wish to exit and you will be able to view the option to Exit smallcase in the right side just below the Start SIP section. 
  • Clicking on Exit smallcase will prompt you to choose either Whole or Partial Exit. 
  • In order to exit smallcase by selling all the stocks click Whole.

Partial Exit: 

You can also have a partial exit with the smallcase. For more info on how to do this, please check here

Note: Only smallcases that have more than the minimum amount invested will have the partial exit option enabled. This is to ensure that the smallcase maintains the same theme in the intended weighing scheme.

Individual Stock Sell:

We also have the option to sell your individual stocks from your invested smallcase.
For more on this, Here is the article. 

Exiting using AMO:

You can also place an exit order for your smallcase after the market hours using AMO. The order will be executed in the next market day  between 09:00 AM and 09:14 AM (pre-market hours) 

When you place the orders during the Non Market hours, you will get the below message before confirming the order. And the order will be in pending status until it gets executed.

If you wish to cancel the AMO, you can navigate to your orders page > Select the exit order that you have placed > 'Cancel this order' as in the below snip. 

Clicking on this will prompt a confirmation message and you can confirm to cancel the AMO order for exiting.

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