There are no charges for buying and selling smart beta strategies. There is a flat fee of Rs. 50 + GST applicable when you invest more, start SIP, rebalance your smallcase or add/remove individual stocks.

The tax implications for smart beta smallcases would be the same as equities. 

If you sell your smallcase stock investments after 12 months of buying, your investments would qualify for long-term capital gains tax which is applicable at 10% of the gains, if the gains exceed Rs. 1,00,000. 

If you sell your smallcase stocks before 12 months of holding, you will have to pay a short-term capital gains tax at the rate of 15% on the profits made (not applicable on losses)

Dividends on stocks are taxable at the user's hand based on the user's income slab.

If Dividends income less than 5L, no tax. If dividends income is between 5L to 10L, 10% is charged as tax.

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