When a smallcase you hold has been rebalanced, you receive a Rebalance Update notification for the same via e-mail.

On the app, when you click on a smallcase, you can view the pending rebalance update notification at the bottom

Upon clicking on 'See Update', you can view the stocks being bought, the stocks being sold and the stocks that remain unchanged.

Once you have reviewed the changes, you can click on 'Confirm Update' to proceed to placing orders. Upon clicking 'Place Orders', all the buy & sell orders will be executed simultaneously. 

Customize the Rebalance update:

If you wish to make changes to the rebalance update, you can do so by clicking on 'Customize Rebalance' at the bottom, before you confirm the update. Tapping on it will take you to the customize rebalance screen.

If you wish to not sell a stock, you would need to increase the no. of shares by the same number that you see in the 'Change' column.

If you wish to not buy a stock, you can decrease the no. of shares by the same quantity by the same number that you see in the 'Change' column.

Note: If you do not rebalance your smallcase or customize the update, your smallcase holdings, composition & returns may vary from the original. Also, your smallcase will not reflect the underlying theme/model as intended.

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