Partial exit is a feature that helps you manage your smallcase better. Through partial exit, you can exit your smallcase upto a desired value as opposed to a complete exit, where you sell all the stocks in your smallcase.
Partial exit places sell orders for stocks upto the specified amount, while ensuring minimum deviation in the weightage scheme of the smallcase.
You can partially exit your smallcase in 3 steps:
Select Exit Type

  • On the Investments Tab, tap on the smallcase you wish to partially exit from. Scrolling to the bottom would show you the option to 'Exit smallcase'
  • The 'Exit smallcase' button would open up the Confirm Exit Type pop-up, where you can select a partial exit

Enter partial exit amount

  • In the amount section, the maximum amount upto which you can place an order for partial exit will be auto displayed. If you have a want to exit for a lesser amount, you can input this 
  • After entering the amount, you can then tap Confirm Amount

Review & Place orders

  • After you confirm the specified amount, the sell orders that will be placed will be shown as a confirmation step on the Review Order page
  • Upon placing the partial exit order, you’ll be asked to ‘Confirm’, to place the trades

Note: You can view the partial exit order for a smallcase on the Orders page as a separate batch

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