You can track the performance of all your smallcases from the Investments tab with the help of simple metrics

Investment Summary: 

The Investments Summary gives you a picture of how all your smallcases put together are performing

Investment details for Individual smallcases:

Index Value

When you buy a smallcase, the index value of the same is set to 100 on the buy day for easy tracking. The index value helps you track the total P&L% of the smallcase without having to monitor each stock.

If the index value is 111.85 (For Propelling Growth as shown below), you can easily deduce that your smallcase has generated a total return of 11.85%

Tapping on a smallcase opens up the Investment Details for that smallcase

Here, you can track the current value, current investment, money put in, current returns, realised returns, dividends and total returns for that smallcase. Read more on investment details

Also, the individual stocks in the smallcase along with the no. of shares and weightage are displayed under Stock Constituents. By tapping on the arrow at the right, you can view stock specific weightage, shares, current price and avg buy price. 


smallcases are based on ideas, events and news around you. The news relevant to your smallcase’s theme and the stocks are displayed under Recent News. As you scroll down, below to the Stock Constituents you will see the News articles relevant to that smallcase. Tap on an article to read more. 

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