The first step to investing in a smallcase is finding a smallcase that's right for you. There are no recommendations given on which smallcase you should buy. Instead, you can use narrow down on a smallcase with the help of various collections or using the filtering & sorting options that are available. 

All the smallcases are listed out with a search option as you tap on the Discover tab. You can either search for the name of the smallcase or the name of the stock, so that the smallcases that has the stock will show up. You can also search for any keywords.


With the Filter option, you can filter the smallcases based on the 

  • Minimum Investment amount level,
  • Type of the smallcases such as Thematic, Model based, Sector Trackers or Smart Beta. 
  • Risk Levels
  • You also have the option to Hide the Invested smallcases, so that already invested smallcase wouldn't show in the results.



You can sort smallcases by latest, popularity, recently rebalanced, Past 1Y Return, CAGR and Min. Investment. You also have the option to reverse the order in which the smallcases are displayed

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