The first step to investing in a smallcase is finding a smallcase that's right for you. There are no recommendations given on which smallcase you should buy (for compliance reasons). Instead, you can use narrow down on a smallcase with the help of various collections or using the filtering & sorting options that are available. You can also take a look at our new tool  - Find your smallcase which helps you build a long term portfolio.

Tapping on See All smallcases will list out all smallcases (except ones that have been invested in). You can also search for a smallcase or a stock, in which case, the smallcases containing that stock will be shown.


With the Filter option, you can filter the smallcases based on the 

  • Minimum Investment amount
  • Type of the smallcases such as Thematic, Model based, Sector Trackers or Smart Beta. 
  • Risk labels


You can sort smallcases by latest, popularity, recently rebalanced, Past 1Y Return, CAGR and Min. Investment. 

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