Once you have found your smallcase, you can buy it in 3 taps. By clicking on Buy smallcase, you would need to confirm the amount. 

There is a minimum investment amount associated with each smallcase. You can invest that amount into the smallcase, or enter a specific amount greater than the minimum to invest into the smallcase

The amount you added extra will be auto adjusted in purchasing the shares in correct quantities.  We adjust the greater amount to ensure the weights of the stocks are closest to the required weighting scheme.

Once you confirm the amount, you can review your smallcase order - the stocks, their weights & actual quantities

Funds check

When you confirm the amount, we check with the available funds in your trading account to check if you can buy the same. If there isn't sufficient funds, we show you the available funds and ask you to add more to your account.

Buy + SIP

At the time of buying a smallcase, you have the option to enable monthly SIP for the smallcase. The minimum amount would be Rs.5000 for most of the smallcases except for few smallcases that have the high cost stocks. For such smallcases, the amount would be around Rs.7000 / Rs.10000 based on the high cost stocks. 

If you wish not to have the monthly SIP, you can simply uncheck the box. Once you are done, you can click on Review and Place orders.

Review and Place orders

You can then click the 'Place Orders' button to place the orders on the market

We place market orders with immediate or cancel validity for all smallcases. All stocks in our smallcases have been screened for liquidity & impact costs to ensure instant fills

Note : One wouldn't be able to invest any amount lesser than the minimum investment amount. 

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