On the mobile web, once you've logged into your Kite ID, simply tap on Discover and scroll down > Tap on Create new smallcase 

You can add stocks (via Add Stock option), toggle between Weights and Shares as per your requirement or change the weighting scheme (tap on the weightage drop down on the top right corner under Next)

You can add segments and drag stocks to it as required. You can also rename/delete segments by tapping on the 3 dots on any segment. To delete a stock, slide left (from right to left) using your finger. Once you're set with the composition, simply proceed by tapping on Next. Here, you can name your smallcase, add a description and change the image. Now, you can either save it as a draft and track it or buy the smallcase using the Invest Now option.

You can choose to buy the smallcase as a SIP (your first instalment will be the minimum investment amount of the smallcase or a greater value that you enter). Or you can choose to buy it as a one-time/lumpsum investment.

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