Regular charges for smallcases as below:

  • For all smallcases (created/customised included) a one time fee of Rs. 100+GST is applicable on the day of purchase. No charges for any other order placed in that smallcase.


  • Irrespective of the smallcase type, If you're investing less than ₹4,000 on the buy day, you are charged only 2.5% of the amount invested + GST (18% on fees) instead of 100+GST.

  • For the All Weather Investing and Smart Beta smallcases, however, there are no charges for buying & exit. A fee of Rs. 50+GST is applicable for any other order placed in the said smallcases.

Other statutory charges such as STT, CTT demat charges & taxes are applied as usual. Read more here

Your fees are deducted from your ledger at the end of the day. See more here

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