You can track performance of all your smallcases on your Investments page

The values here show the current value of the stocks/shares you hold (Current Value), the investment amount you had bought these stocks/shares (Current Investment) and the unrealized returns from your holdings (current P&L)  

Index Value

When buying a smallcase, an index value of 100 is assigned to it. This is to facilitate easy tracking

If the index value is 115.64 (as shown below), you can easily deduce that your smallcase has generated a total return of 15.64%

The current P&L or the returns (of the above smallcase) is 14.57% which is the unrealized returns from the stocks you hold  


By clicking on any invested smallcase will takes you to its Overview which shows the clear details with the break up of your Investments and as well as your returns. 

Here you can see the total investment from your account (i.e. Money Put In) and the realized and total returns/P&L from your smallcase. Also you can sort the stocks invested based on any of the fields > Current Price, Returns, Weights and Shares. Clicking on each field name, will sort the stocks. 

Current investment in a smallcase is the amount you bought the current set of stocks at.

Money Put In is the total amount gone from your pocket into this smallcase to generate returns. This includes any amount that is invested or was invested previously

Current Returns is the difference between the Current Investment and Current Value. Or quite simply put, the profit or loss you would make if you sold your smallcase at the current market prices

Realized Returns is any profit or loss realized from selling stocks during rebalancing, partial exit, etc

Total Returns is the Total P&L is the sum of the current P&L, realized P&L and dividends. 

Here is our blog for detailed explanation of all the above mentioned terms with simple examples. 

You can sort the stocks of your smallcase with any of the fields available - by Current Market Price, Returns, Weights / shares. Clicking on each filed will sort the stocks accordingly. 

You would also be able to view the news related to the stocks that you have invested in that particular smallcase. 

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