Read on to know how you can authorise all your holdings from Kite. If you do not have your CDSL TPIN, you can follow the instructions here to generate it.

  • Go to your Holdings then, click on Authorisation as labelled below
Start Authorisation flow from Kite Holdings
  • You can also manage your authorisations and set the no. of shares that can be sold
Authorising Sell Transactions on Kite

To authorise all stocks in one go - simply click on Continue to CDSL

To authorise particular/individual stocks - click on Manage authorisations and select which stock/ETF to authorise.

Please Note: Say, if you had authorised 100 shares of stock A in the past to be sold and you have newly bought 20 more shares (of the same stock or any other stock for that matter), you'd need to authorise these new shares/stocks too.

💡️ PRO TIP: Authorise the maximum quantity held to be able to sell at ease later

Managing Authorizations on Zerodha Kite
  • Authorise your orders on CDSL by entering your TPIN

Authorising sell orders using TPIN on CDSL
  • Once done, you can continue to place your authorised orders

Other FAQs

Do I have to do this every time?

In a way, yes. This authorisation is required for any new stock or shares that you buy.
Once done, the authorisation will be valid for 90 days.

💡️ PRO TIP: You can authorise all your holdings from Kite Holdings to avoid doing this multiple times

What are my alternatives?

You can download the physical POA copy, sign it and send it to the Zerodha office. Read more here.

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