Once you find a smallcase you want to buy, clicking the Buy smallcase button on the page should bring up a page where

1) you confirm the amount you want to invest and
2) see the stocks & their quantity you will buy

At this step, smallcase checks funds available in your Zerodha account to see if you can buy the smallcase with the amount required. If not, an error message is shown as below

Clicking the Add Funds link should take you to the payment gateway page where you can transfer funds to your Zerodha account. Incase you use netbanking/IMPS transfer to add funds, once the funds reflect on your Kite dashboard, you can click the Refresh button to proceed

You can now see the stocks and the exact quantity you’ll buy. This quantity of shares to be bought is calculated based on the weighting scheme prescribed for that smallcase, so you get the right exposure to the underlying theme

After you’re done reviewing the stocks/quantities, you can click the Invest Now button to place market orders for these stocks

Since all stocks in all smallcases have been screened for liquidity, all orders should fill immediately (only case in which a order doesn’t execute is if the stock has hit the upper/lower circuit for the day, and no more orders are accepted from the exchange – has happened 0.01% of all orders till now)

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