Orders placed on smallcase are fired through the Zerodha Kite systems, so you will also receive notifications for the orders/trades on Kite platform

These stocks are also visible in the Positions tab of Kite, will start showing up on Holdings the next day and will get credited to your Zerodha demat account in 2 days of buying the smallcase

You can start tracking your smallcase instantly on our platform and the smallcase P&L will change in real-time. You can also see how the individual stocks are performing

When you buy a normal  smallcase or transact in All Weather Investing and Smart Beta smallcases, the charges will be debited from your Zerodha ledger at the end of the day. You can see this on your Ledger on Zerodha Console  This is over & above the brokerage charges & fees you incur.

Also, to filter smallcase stocks vs your stocks bought on Kite, you can separate them with the smallcase Filter on the Kite Holdings page here

After buying your smallcase, you can track and manage it anytime you like.

Be Careful

smallcase doesn’t receive your order/trade activity on Kite/Pi/Zerodha platforms, and selling a smallcase stock through any of the Zerodha platforms will not automatically reflect in your smallcase. In this case, your smallcase holdings and P&L will be impacted. You have all options to manage your smallcase (invest more or exit smallcase in 2 clicks, add/remove stocks to your smallcase) on our platform, so do ensure you use the smallcase platform for all smallcase-related transactions. 

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