Auto SIP is a systematic investment plan where funds are automatically deducted from your Zerodha trading account and invested into your smallcase periodically. Auto-SIP allows you to set up instalments on a pre-specified no of shares instead of weights.

Getting started:

  • You can start a SIP by clicking on the “Start SIP” button on your invested smallcase and toggle to Auto-SIP option

  • Auto-SIP will be executed on the due date and funds will be deducted from your Zerodha account

  • You can add funds manually by going on - or You can also automate the fund transfer process for your SIPs. In order to automate the fund transfer, you can make use of the e-mandates feature on the Zerodha console.

Edit SIP:

  • You can edit your SIP from Auto to Manual by selecting the “Edit SIP” on your invested smallcases

  • You can toggle to Manual SIP option, select the due date, update frequency and amount

  • A reminder will be send to you on the day your manual SIP is due

Good to know:

  • The default SIP mode is manual when investing in a smallcase. However, you can choose your SIP mode as Auto SIP while placing the SIP

  • You can only start Auto-SIP in smallcases which have less than or equal to 20 stocks, users will not be allowed to start Auto-SIP in smallcases which have greater than 20 stocks

  • Frequencies can be weekly,fortnightly or monthly

  • Once set, SIP is executed on days of the month as per the frequency selected, users can view the Auto-SIP schedule on Kite portal - orders - SIP

  • When SIP orders are placed automatically, you have to invest in the smallcase as a whole, hence the min SIP amount is equal to the min investment amount of the smallcase

  • If your scheduled date falls on a holiday, your SIP order will be executed on the next trading day.

Incase you are unable to start Auto-SIP or edit Auto-SIP, please relogin and try again. If the issue persists, chat with us or write to us.

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