A Systematic Investment Plan is one where you can invest a fixed amount of money into your smallcase at specified time intervals. The SIP feature is aimed at aiding you in developing a disciplined investment habit and to subdue the impact of market volatility.

You can start SIP at the time of buying a smallcase or you can setup an SIP anytime after you have bought the smallcase as well. 

Enabling SIP at the time of Buying smallcase:
      You can opt for the Start SIP check box for the monthly SIP at the time of purchasing after pressing the Confirm Amount box. 

Setting SIP after purchasing :

SIP Orders :
When your SIP is due, you will receive the notification over mail and In app with which you can apply the SIP order in just 2 clicks. So SIP doesn't execute automatically on the said date. 

SIP using AMO:
You can also place the SIP order for your smallcase after the market hours using AMO. The order will be executed in the next market day  between 09:00 AM and 09:14 AM (pre-market hours) 

For more on how to place AMO orders, click here


Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have chosen SIP, will it automatically invest more into my smallcase?
No - SIP is more of a reminder to invest more. Once you choose to start SIP, you will receive an e-mail alert and an in-app notification when the SIP instalment is due, at which point you can confirm and invest theSIP instalment in just 2 clicks

What are the charges for starting SIP?
There are no additional smallcase charges for investing through SIP (with the exception of All Weather Investing and Smart Beta smallcases)

What is the amount I can invest through SIP?
The SIP amount for smallcases starts from Rs. 5000 - the amount is determined by the stocks in your smallcase as well as the current market prices. For ETF smallcases, the minimum SIP amount starts from Rs. 500 for most of them.

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