The first step to investing in a smallcase is finding a smallcase that's right for you. There are no recommendations given on which smallcase you should buy. Instead, you can use narrow down on a smallcase with the help of various collections or using the filtering & sorting options that are available. 

Featured smallcases

smallcases that are trending due to current news or events, recent rebalances and newly launched smallcases are highlighted as 'Featured smallcases'.

Recently Added & Most Popular

The most recently launched smallcases are shown in the Recently added section.

The Most Popular collection consists of the most bought smallcases in the past week.

All Collections

If you're looking for different ideas, collections can be a great way to start. A collection is a group of smallcases that have a common thread running through them. A Featured Collection is one that is either trending currently or newly introduced. 

 The various collections available are:

  • Value investing
  • Growth investing
  • Government Reforms
  • Long Term
  • Dividends & income
  • Sector Trackers
  • Smart Beta smallcases

Discover by Type

  • Thematic - smallcases reflecting various market trends & themes
  • Sector Trackers - smallcases that take sector specific exposure
  • Model Based - smallcases based on different investment models
  • Smart Beta - smallcases that are created to earn more beating the market returns

When you click on a smallcase, you can view more about the smallcase - the rationale behind it, how it is created, its past performance & the constituents

Filter & Sort

By clicking on 'All smallcases' in the Discover section, you will be able to see the option to 'sort and filter' at the bottom. 

You can sort smallcases by latest, popularity, recently rebalanced, Past 1Y Return, CAGR and Min. Investment. You also have the option to reverse the order in which the smallcases are displayed

You can filter all smallcases by:

  1. Type (Thematic, Model-based, Sector Trackers or Smart Beta)
  2. Minimum investment amount ranges (below ₹5,000, ₹5,000-₹10,000, ₹10,000-₹20,000 or above ₹20,000) 

If you’re looking to find new smallcases, you also have the option to hide invested smallcases

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